Thanks to YOU, many of our clients will have a warmer, safer, better winter this year!

Thank you to all our faithful partners and wonderful donors. The Upper Room manages a monthly operating budget about $4,500. This is very low because what money we do receive from you, our friends for the cause, is used to pay a minimal staff of four men who work here, who have been homeless themselves, and expense-based salaries. This means, almost all the money we receive goes to those who need it most. We are able to provide daily services, free coffee and snacks, free winter clothes and boots, mail service, and dozens of other services to those who come here thanks to you.

We depend on your help, yet we are very careful to be frugal with the funds we receive - no big executive salaries here. The Upper Room is an oasis for the homeless and we never lose sight of our mission to do whatever we can to help those who need our help. Thanks to you, this continues, and thanks to your generosity this year during the holiday season, we will be able to continue the mission to help those in need.



The Upper Room of Erie