Upper Room of Erie


The heart and soul of the Upper Room is all of the volunteer staff who donate their time and energy to provide whatever hospitality our resources and imagination permit. In our 22 years of operation, we have been blessed with a great variety of people: from teenagers to grandparents, working people to retired, and singles to couples. Whether it is a cup of coffee, a day-old-pastry, a pair of socks or a friendly ear, we do our best to "love one another" in the most ambitious way.

Our volunteer staff serves because each one feels a special responsibility to help our guests that are in need. A small amount of effort can go a long way- even a simple kind greeting can significantly brighten someone’s day at The Upper House.

We are always looking for additional volunteers to share the joy that we know in this work and relieve those who must move on. If you want to greatly impact the lives of homeless individuals in Erie, please contact us or even better- stop in. We always like company.

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